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Exotic plant in Madidi National Park

Mashi Tour

3 Days Madidi National Park

No adventure in Bolivia is complete until you visit the most biodiverse national park on the planet.

Explore Madidi's most pristine side, get marveled by the ecosystems and wildlife, and sleep suspended between ancient trees.

Jaguar found on Madidi Jungle tour

From 399 USD (Per person for 2 people)

The jewel of Bolivia’s ecotourism crown

The Madidi National Park is one of the 22 national protected areas of Bolivia. It was founded in 1995 and since a scientific expedition in 2017, Madidi is considered the most bio-diverse region on the planet. 

Caiman sunbathing near Tuichi river in Madidi


204 species

From ancient dinosaur relatives (black giant caimans) to colored tortoises.  

Hoatzin bird resting on a branch in Madidi National Park


1254 species

Placing Bolivia as the perfect place for bird-watching tourism. 

Madidi home for black capped monkeys


Around 270 species

Including endangered protected and well-conserved species. 

Jungle in Madidi is alive with all shape insects


120.000 species

You'll fall in love with their beautiful colors and shapes. 

But that's not all...

The Madidi is also home to 496 species of fish, including the golden fish and many different species of piranhas, catfish, and more. Amphibians reach an amount of 213 species, but those are the least researched so it's not a surprise to find species that scientists haven't discovered yet. 

Accomodation tree-tent in Madidi National Park

A set of activities to blend with nature in Madidi 


Sportfishing | Birdwatching | Private Expeditions

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