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Ovidio Valdez, one of the best tour guides available in Madidi



A tourism company, managed and operated by indigenous families of the Amazon community of San Jose de Uchupiamonas, with a wide experience in the management of community-based ecotourism.​



Our road in tourism started with lots of limitations in our small village back in the '80s when tourism was just a new term and not a development model for the indigenous communities in the Amazon.

As we grew up, new projects arrived, and thanks to the efforts of NGOs and local families the Madidi National Park was established in 1995.

Elio Valdez is our manager of operations at Yuruma Journeys


Hard-work always prevailed and years later we gained field experience in scientific expeditions with renowned NGOs and media companies such as Wildlife Conservation Society, and National Geographic.

We met several great professionals on our road and likewise, we wanted to become part of them. Some of us got a college degree and eventually worked with amazing tourism companies in the Madidi National Park, Pampas, and Rurrenabaque areas.

High quality tree-tents that follow European safety measures


Inspired and experienced we were ready to run our own project in our motherland. A type of experience that could impact in a positive way the conservation efforts carried by the National Park.

That's how Yuruma Journeys started offering cultural and experiential tours in San Jose de Uchupiamonas, Jungle tours in Mashi Lagoon with tree-tents accommodation, and Pampas tours in Santa Rosa de Yacuma so we can meet the expectations and demands of our passengers, under permanent quality control and low environmental impact.

Sandro Valdez is our most awarded tour guide specialized in birding expeditions


Having the biggest part of our operations within the Madidi National Park allows us to offer a wide range of specialized experiences from birdwatching to sportfishing expeditions with highly trained and experienced guides.

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Yuruma Journeys Team

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