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Beautiful sunset in Pampas

Jabiru Tour

3 Days Pampas del Yacuma

Pink river dolphins, caimans and lots of birds. This tour takes you sailing across the Yacuma River with the highest chances to see lots of wildlife in their natural environment.

A caiman resting by the river in Pampas

From 375 USD (Per person for 2 people)

Pampas del Yacuma

Pampas is a municipal protected area in the Beni department of Bolivia. It's famous for being the easiest place in Bolivia to spot wildlife. 

Capybara drinking water in Pampas


Strong swimmers

They are the largest living rodents in the world.

Pink River Dolphin in Pampas Tour with Yuruma Journeys


Bufeo rosado

Endemic to Bolivia, it's one of the most iconic animals living in the Pampas.

A beautiful hoatzin bird in Pampas


Serere bird

It can fly, climb trees and swim. This is one of the easiest birds to find in Pampas.

blue-throated macaw in Aguaisal Pampas tour extended


Blue beard macaw

An endemic specie of Bolivia. Available to find in surrounding areas of Pampas.

But that's not all.

This area is mostly covered by over flooded rivers so most of the activities go on boats.

One of the best attractions of Pampas is the Pink River Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis boliviensis) an endemic Bolivian species that tends to be friendly to humans.

Accomodation in Pampas Tour

A set of activities to blend with nature in Pampas del Yacuma.


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